Saturday, June 16, 2012

We've put the kettle on for ya!

2008 image taken in the  high ceilings (over 30 feet) of the "Rooms" Provincial Art Gallery in St John's.
The last time it was on...was (when we personally installed it on site) in Cheongju, South Korea!

The giant tin kettle is back from overseas and on display right here, only at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery! If you will recall the 230 cup kettle was first on display at the Rooms in St John's (guest curated by Gloria Hickey) in 2008 (see above image) and then selected to be sent half way around the world to represent Canada at the international craft exhibit called Unity and Diversity (curated by Sandra Alfoldy) co-ordinated by the members of the  Canadian Craft Federation with assistance from our very own Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council, CCNL! As with so many things, we could never have done it without the CCNL.(..thanks over and over!!)

 The giant installation artwork will be on display all summer long right here, only in Central Newfoundland, Green Bay, South West Arm, King's Point, on the point!

(Photo Credits: Itaro Hayashida, Title credit: Tracy Keats)

Newly installed here at the craft gallery space.
As you can see the new gallery space isn't 30 ft tall so the handle hasn't  been reattached.

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