Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mum-mers the word!

Joan Foster, a talented local artist from Springdale (NL) is a next generation (mat) hooker who learned the skill from her mother and so on... She deals with all aspects of the craft. ie she hooks,dyes, teaches workshops, sells and designs patterns... Joan is a founding and lifetime member of the Rug Hooking Guild of NL, was project co-ordinator for the 1997 NL Heritage Hooked Mat Registry and has been honoured with many awards for her fine work. The King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery is very excited to be carrying her new hooked 3-d mummer dolls (full of beans), her 2-d mummer doll ornaments for the tree and many other lovely one of a kind hooked items. Joan is in our opinion a provincial living treasure you might just get hooked on!
(Photo: Itaro Hayashida)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Restocked with Alexis...

Imagine bold and beautiful crystals floating underneath your favourite natural soap, new dessert, fragrant potpourri...! Alexis Templeton's 2012 collection of fine porcelain decorated in her wonderous crystalline glazes is once again in stock at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery. It is a perfect marriage of art and science that creates the one of a kind "heavenly" landscapes that cover her work.We are so very fortunate to be thee only craft gallery outside the overpass selected to carry her award winning handmade pottery.
(Photo: from Alexis Templeton Studio)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Look who just flew in!

Timberdoodle Art Works has landed! Indeed the colourful folk art of Eleanor Wyand and Sue Smith, in the form of their wonderfully big footed birds has returned to King's Point (, just like the spring swallows to Capistrano!) We have their big Atlantic Puffins back and the newcomers to KP's fine craft gallery, the electric "feathered" Village Birds. The duo have been whittling and painting Nova Scotia pine into eccentric folk art "fabulous" for decades. Swoop over and see what's new in the shop...and maybe a peck of dessert over at da By the Sea Cafe!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

By the Sea Cafe..OPEN!

The By the Sea Cafe is now open for 2012.
Always a great sign that summer is soon to be here.
Now if only the ice (conditioning) would head out the bay!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another beautiful thing worth mentioning!

Ok, technically it was thru the shop window and not really in the shop window...but it was beautiful...the moon was very fine...last night here in King's Point (& else where to be sure).
Happy Easter Weekend to everyone.
Linda Yates and David Hayashida

Philosopher's Stone returns to Kings Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery

As those of you who have been here before know I love stone and I love love love these peoples unbelievable work! (I not so secretly wish I could keep it all.) Artists John, Tamar and family create in a very quiet area of rural Nova Scotia, Rosebud...and we are so lucky to be able to carry their very limited hand production work. Did you know they are the original stone vessel makers here in Canada, starting their business in 1993. Philosophers Stone's work really speaks to me...with a very calming voice. If you like stone you will love shopping here at Kings Point Pottery. We just received a new shipment..over 100 passionate lbs!
David Hayashida and Linda Yates

New & Unique Jewellery at Kings Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery: Charissa Alain-Lilly

These wonderful jewel toned earrings are made from hand dyed Goose feathers! Charissa is a mixed media artist that lives in the north of 60 portion of Canada...that the late Peter Gzowski of CBC was so very passionate about!

It's an exclusive new product for 2012...only at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery.

Linda Yates and David Hayashida

New Fine Craft Artists at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery: Stinson Studios

(We are not yet up to our goal of 365 artists...that's the five year plan. But hopefully this year we might reach 200 in 2012!)
As shown above this is the gorgeous work of the Stinson family: Don, Joanne, Jesse, Emma, Spike et al. They make handcrafted wooden bowls and sculptural burls..."or what could be better than a sustainable, environmentally consciencious piece of artwork that is also functional"... and the wood is finished with canola oil and organic carnauba wax from" the bee queen", (their local producer of bee products). These beautiful new wood products are available right now at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery.
David Hayashida and Linda Yates

Monday, April 2, 2012

We are OPEN!

(New goose feather earrings by Charissa Alain-Lilly)

Yes we are open again! (Sorry for the short 2 week closure.) Construction still continues for the exciting new gallery but the shop is once again back OPEN for business. When the door is locked, please do use the intercom we are just out back.
We have just gotten some NEW work in and from now until the end of summer there should be something new almost every other week!