Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jim Lorriman...extraordinary wood turner!

King's Point Pottery Gallery & Studio is very proud to announce we are now showing the amazing work of 
Jim Lorriman. ( We are so excited to have his work here in NL!) Jim's pieces can be found in various collections on every continent except Antarctica.  His work has been purchased by a former US president and been given as gifts to a member of the British Royal Family.  He is represented by a number of galleries across Canada and the United States.

Jim was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has made his home near Mansfield, Ontario.  He is self-taught but both his father and grandfather worked wood in their spare time.  Like them he started off in furniture and wooden boat building but left these traditional pursuits to become a full-time wood turner.

Early in his career he came across a book by Dale Nish which described how to make a bowl from a board.  Intrigued, Jim tried this technique and has not looked back.  He took Nish's basic idea and expanded the horizon almost exponentially.  

Jim uses this method to give new life to old wood.  Dock cedar, fallen branches from the forest, stair railings, window frames, historical wood and so on - all have been given new life through Jim's careful nurturing.

Always trying to find new and better ways of making his pieces, Jim is constantly innovating.  He is aware that others may wish to follow him.  To this end he has been making videos of his methods of work and various techniques which he employs. 

Thank you Jim, for allowing us to be your first gallery here in Atlantic Canada!

Jim's Website:
(Images and text from Jim's website.)

Monday, March 2, 2015

March of Mugs 6-7-8, 2015

What:   Pop up Gallery Exhibition/Show featuring international ceramic artists
Where: Plantation, St John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
When:  March 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2015
Who:   Alexis Templeton (artist/curator), Fong Choo, Debra Kuzyk, Ray Mackie, Michael Schael, Wendy Shirran, Robin Dupont, Michael Flaherty, Danny Meisinger, Reid Schoonover, Marcelina Salazar, Isabella St John, Erin McArthur, Linda Yates, David Hayashida.

A great big "thank you" goes out to Alexis Templeton for creating this amazing pop up gallery show! What a honour it is to be invited to come into the capital and be part of the this gallery show in person. Can't wait to see what will be available this year for all the collectors and other lovers of fine pottery!!!!!!!! (It's so exciting!)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

International limited edition pieces now available.

Image of Linda Yates viewing "The Secret".

The 230 individual cups that formed the International craft work " Secret to the return of the cod" are now for sale at King's Point Gallery and Gifts. The complete 12 foot by 8 foot installation was last exhibited in Cheongju South Korea for the Unity and Diversity Exhibition, an invitational event coordinated by both South Korea and the Canadian Craft Federation in 2009.
image: label from the original "Merchant Vessel Show"

The piece was originally created for the "Merchant Vessels" exhibition held at The Rooms, the provincial Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador in St John's, NL, Canada. Gloria Hickey curated the 2008 group show and very kindly invited us to be a participant. The following year it was selected to be the gateway work for the Canadian Pavilion overseas in South Korea.

Image: Each salt soda fired cup features a capelin on the back!

We have been asked by customers for the past 5 years if we would be offering a chance to purchase a piece of the international craft work. This year we finally made the decision to offer it to our customers. We currently have less than 200 cups left (and expect it to be sold out by late summer)... So if you want a cup with a international NL story behind it, please do either contact us via email ( ) or drop by our gallery here in King's Point, NL, Canada to get yours before they we are all sold out.

Friday, February 28, 2014

New work for March of Mugs, 2014

We are launching 3 new lines of work at the gallery show and sale curated by Alexis Templeton Gallery, the March of Mugs Show at the Quidi Vidi Plantation, St John's, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Running: Feb 28 - Mar 01 -Mar 02, 2014.

1. The first is the Tipton Tea Series. Inspired by both the innovative work of Alberta ceramic artist Barbara Tipton and the Newfoundland and Labrador love for tea. Here are a look at the first 3 in what we hope will be a long running series. (Those familiar with Ms Tipton will immediately see we are going in a decidedly different teacup direction from her very fine work.)
Tipton Teacup: inspired by antique Lipton teacup from the 1950's
and some very early 1980's work of Ms Tipton.

Fish Teacup: Newfoundlanders used to be called Fish and fish only refers to cod.
For us it is a bitter sweet cup as the NL fish were nearly destroyed by overfishing.

Beothuk Teacup: the Beothuk were race of people that 
used to live here in NL that are now very sadly extinct. 
Inside the teacup is a view of 2 beothuks paddling a canoe.
Beothuk patterns made with real red ochre paint.

2. The second is called the Ballistic Shot Glass Series. Made with the use of a 12 gauge shot gun to decorate the cups. Inspired by the creation of the earth's moon and its highly textured surface.

3. The third is the carved deep blue sea & land series. It features fish, crabs and other land & sea life.

Caribou stein.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

March of Mugs International 2014

Functional and beautiful cups, mugs, & more by exceptional & award winning international potters / ceramic artists


A (3 day) Pop-up Gallery Show
Opening: Friday Feb 28th, 2014 7 pm to 9pm
Running: Mar 1 to 2, 10 am to 5 pm daily

Location: Quidi Vidi Plantation, St John's, NL
10 Maple View Place
Free Parking Free Admission

Featured Artists include:
David Hayashida and Linda Yates, NL
Mike Kern, Texas
Tyler Guidan, Maine
Chanda Droske, Texas
Maaike Charron, NL
Katrina Chaytor, Alberta
Jay Kimball, Saskatchewan
Debra Kuzyk and Ray Mackie, NS
Adam Paulek, Virginia
Isabella St John, NL
Malley Weber, Maine
Alexis Templeton, NL

A special gallery exhibition curated by Alexis Templeton Gallery

Monday, December 2, 2013

Open until the 21st of December!..then holidays..then open Jan...

Yes we are still very much open and with lots of stock! As you can tell by our twitter feed (@potterykp) and our facebk page (Kings point pottery) lots of new things in time for the holidays. We are still suggesting to our customers to pls call ahead, just to be sure we are not baking cookies or out mummering or...

Our new winter hours are again: Tuesday to Saturday (5 days a week)  10:00 am to 5 pm or by appointment or by chance.

Happy holidays all!
Best wishes,
Linda & David

Ps: we will then be closing for the holidays on the 21 st of December 2013 at 5:00pm until the 8th of January 2014...then open again for business as usual on the 9th of January at 10:00am.