Monday, June 4, 2012

Gordon Gosse Woodworking.

Another new fine craft artist has joined our gallery today, Gordon Gosse of St John's. Here he is in his selection room in the capital. What fun being there in person getting to visit the artist!
His wonderful work speaks for itself...and it tells different people different things! I see an orchid in this book matched spalted NL birch box lid but others see...well what do you see????

Some of his newer boxes feature many naturally coloured woods...ebony (black), yellow heart (yellow), poplar (green)...wonderful stuff. Truly exception work at very affordable prices! Pls do drop by and check out this new craft artist here at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery, Gordon Gosse!

(Special thanks to the CCNL craft gallery for providing me with Gordon's contact info.)


  1. I have two pieces of Mr. Gosse's art, and I have to say that his talent and pride in his work is truly evident in each piece. I met Mr Gosse once, and I found him to be as humble as his art is beautiful.

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  3. Hi Gordon: I am looking for a wooden foot stool - 12" high 14"wide - round or rectangle is good. Do you make foot stools and if so, how much are they?
    Thank you