Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The AFTER...the Gallery section is OPEN!

View from the new archway into the new light filled 400 sq ft gallery space.
Years in the planning and an entire winter/spring of construction...equals it is (structurally) DONE! Over double the retail floor space (just in time for our 20th anniversary), the new fine craft gallery looks some good (to me)!
Birds eye view from the trees above.
As well, we look forward to many-many more internal changes each and every year with new artists and ideas. Special thanks to Pop aka Calvin Yates for all the custom shelves and tables and Dennis Burt for his assistance with the tuckamore trees.
View of the antique yellow hutch and out towards the bay.
We hope you will be able to find the time to drop down to our town of King's Point and see all there is.... here at the gallery, at the restaurants, at the trails, at the museums, at the accommodations...The town has become a real Central Newfoundland destination! (Check out the new Newfoundland and Labrador Travel Guide...featuring the Town of King's Point + the Pottery + the Cafe + Tom's store...!)

View back to the centre of the middle portion of the craftshop.
More pictures soon!
(To see "the before" image pls go to the March blog posting.)
Best wishes
Linda and David

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