Saturday, June 30, 2012

Smoked Capelin now rolling in!


Smoked raku capelin that is. Fresh from Northeastern Folk Art, NFA of St John's. Along with a family of black sheep, white and copper...., mermaids, starry fish, trilobites...all with that real smoky me!! (and/or your nose.) Now, all are rolled in at King's Point Pottery Gallery and Gifts.

Mike Gillan and Erin McArthur are NFA and they currently reside on the North Atlantic coast in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. The wild natural beauty, rugged coastline and the rich cultural life continue to be a source of inspiration for their fine work. (Info from NFA)

I'm the winner of the 2011 CCNL beeeeest newe product...really!

Photos: Itaro Hayashida

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rare Newfoundland HONEY!

Did you know, there are presently only two commercial producers of honey in the province? I think that makes wild flower honey a very rare commodity. And yet rarer still are the bigger family sized containers  from our producer in Pasadena (near Corner Brook in Western NL). Luckily, we were able to get access to a small shipment for our summer customers from the Newfoundland Bee Co. How sweet it is! So  if you drop by, "bee" sure not to forget to get your rare NL golden delicious honey (fix) before this limited gourmet supply runnnnnith out.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Awarded Top 5 in Atlantic Canada!

Is it true that
King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery 
was selected ( ACTS Awards) one of The Top 5 Craft Shops in Atlantic Canada? 
Yes, for 2012 we are designated Top 5
We invite you to drop by and see for yourself 
just what all the fuss is about!

Jason Holley's rubber chainmaille is back!

Jason's wristees...

"The only way to understand my jewellery is to touch it, wear it.  Chainmaille is a textile made up of tiny circles.  Each ring is free to roll over your skin and catch the light. It’s important for people to interact with the jewellery. I display my jewellery open, so that customers can touch each piece."

A healthy obsession with historical chainmaille helps to fuel Jason Holley's career as a jeweller.  His pendants, cuffs and necklaces are evidence of Norse and Celtic inspiration: endless knots and rhythmic rows of perfect, shining circles. Holley sees a common function between the fashionable world of contemporary jewellery and chainmaille.  "I think my jewellery is about confidence and strength.  When people wear a piece and look in the mirror I see them stand up straighter.  I want people to feel strong, secure and bold.  They know that it's armor."  Holley meticulously creates each piece of jewellery by hand –one ring at a time – following his own patterns. New selection now available at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery.

(text from crafts of character web site)
photo credit: Itaro Hayashida

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Urve Manuel, Glass Artist

photo credit Urve Manuel (Deer Lake installation)

Look what just swam into the new King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery...One of Urve's Giant Cods from her amazing public installation at the Deer Lake Airport, NL, Canada called "Coming and Going". It is one of the last of her limited edition works produced for that gorgeous permanent exhibit. Super big fused glass fish with iridescent glass accents...a one of a kind treasure! (Thanks Urve for letting us showcase the giant cod here at the gallery this summer!)

A Stone’s Throw Glass is the name for Urve's glass art business in picturesque Gillams on the North Shore of the Bay of Islands in Newfoundland. She offers custom work in both leaded and fused glass designs for windows, room dividers, and cabinet doors, fused glass dishes depicting local images , as well as lessons, tools, and supplies.

She has been creating leaded glass panels for over 15 years, and have recently been working with warm glass to create fused glass pieces. Her work makes up part of art collections in Iceland, Norway, Canada, and the United States. The Provincial Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Rooms, also houses both her leaded and fused glass pieces.

Don't forget to check out Urve's website at: for more details.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A new craft object sure to catch you by surprise...

New hand forged cod jigger coat hooks are now available for the very first time here at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery. It may look a lot like the plain old 17th century cod jigger but it is so much more! The fish shaped portion is still poured from the traditional lead material into original molds but now it also covered with a protective varathane (safety) coating. The hook portion is made from blunt (not sharp at all) iron... but still looks (and weights) very similar to the overall original cod jigger, except of course now it is designed to catch plenty of coats, hats, and such.
They are some nice! The absolute perfect thing for the bigger boat, the cabin in the woods, the shed or even the nice house in town. A brand new NL tradition for young and old alike.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Master Carver Kevin Coates of Winterton, NL, Canada.

"Nobody does it like..." the self taught carver Mr. Kevin Coates! 

King's Point Pottery Gallery is once again proud to be able to showcase this uber talented, award winning, NL, folk art, carver who used to make his living from the fishery. One of his many claims to fame is having been commissioned to carve the likenesses of all the premiers from across Canada. His carving materials are local, in the form of blown down dry balsam fir wood from the nearby headlands of Winterton, (where he was born and raised).

 With more than 3,500 carvings completed, his story telling figures have become true cultural icons, that are fittingly now a part of the province's official permanent collection! Kevin says "..My carving is one way of keeping the memories of the old times alive..." And we say"... Hope you drop by to celebrate the old times with his amazing cast of characters and perhaps take one home for your permanent collection! 

(Photo: from King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vibrant & Luscious!!

Anna Robaczewski is the passionate fibre artist behind the beautiful and practical products created under the banner of Winkleworks. She has worked in graphic design, photography, paint and fibre after graduating from NSCAD. Her handmade wool and silk pieces are fine wearable everyday art that brightens any occasion! (Image Credit: Winkleworks) Currently available at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery, King's Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We've put the kettle on for ya!

2008 image taken in the  high ceilings (over 30 feet) of the "Rooms" Provincial Art Gallery in St John's.
The last time it was on...was (when we personally installed it on site) in Cheongju, South Korea!

The giant tin kettle is back from overseas and on display right here, only at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery! If you will recall the 230 cup kettle was first on display at the Rooms in St John's (guest curated by Gloria Hickey) in 2008 (see above image) and then selected to be sent half way around the world to represent Canada at the international craft exhibit called Unity and Diversity (curated by Sandra Alfoldy) co-ordinated by the members of the  Canadian Craft Federation with assistance from our very own Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council, CCNL! As with so many things, we could never have done it without the CCNL.(..thanks over and over!!)

 The giant installation artwork will be on display all summer long right here, only in Central Newfoundland, Green Bay, South West Arm, King's Point, on the point!

(Photo Credits: Itaro Hayashida, Title credit: Tracy Keats)

Newly installed here at the craft gallery space.
As you can see the new gallery space isn't 30 ft tall so the handle hasn't  been reattached.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Y Ayelet Stewart

Here at  the King's Point Pottery Gallery, our newest designer who does jewelry  is a true international artist. She was born in Oxford England, grew up in Israel (and got her BFA there), received her MFA in Japan and now resides in PEI, Canada. Ayelet ( pronounced 'eye-yell-it') hand crafts all of her jewelry using a variety of gemstones and sterling silver. She is inspired by the beautiful landscape and ocean that surround her in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. For more detailed information, pls go to her personal web site at:
Photo credit: A Y Designs web site

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The AFTER...the Gallery section is OPEN!

View from the new archway into the new light filled 400 sq ft gallery space.
Years in the planning and an entire winter/spring of construction...equals it is (structurally) DONE! Over double the retail floor space (just in time for our 20th anniversary), the new fine craft gallery looks some good (to me)!
Birds eye view from the trees above.
As well, we look forward to many-many more internal changes each and every year with new artists and ideas. Special thanks to Pop aka Calvin Yates for all the custom shelves and tables and Dennis Burt for his assistance with the tuckamore trees.
View of the antique yellow hutch and out towards the bay.
We hope you will be able to find the time to drop down to our town of King's Point and see all there is.... here at the gallery, at the restaurants, at the trails, at the museums, at the accommodations...The town has become a real Central Newfoundland destination! (Check out the new Newfoundland and Labrador Travel Guide...featuring the Town of King's Point + the Pottery + the Cafe + Tom's store...!)

View back to the centre of the middle portion of the craftshop.
More pictures soon!
(To see "the before" image pls go to the March blog posting.)
Best wishes
Linda and David

Monday, June 11, 2012

Beach glass jewelery a.k.a. Mermaids Tears...

Judy Jenkins of Nova Scotia, Cindy Schaefer of Rattling Brook (summer-gal) and Leslie Yates of  Corner Brook are our beach glass artists. We have a wide range of rare colours and unusual shapes to choose from. Our antique glass is from across Atlantic Canada but predominately from here on the island portion of the province. For something truely different in beach glass think King's Point Pottery Gallery and Gifts.

PS: Did you know that NL is truly a beach glass hunters paradise with such interesting places a nearby glassy beach, or historic trinity or...other old towns and villages...many laden with glassy treasures. Good hunting!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The ladies who make Labradorite Jewelery...

Leslie Collins of Lelli (St John's), Michelle Lambert of Art Sea (CBS), Nancy Rogers of NDR (Dover) and Carissa Thorne of  CC Handmade (Springdale) are our NL designers who work with this iridescent stone. And 'yes' it is true, Labradorite is the official stone for our province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was discovered and named (in the 18th century) for the original deposit found in Northern Labrador. Aboriginal legend has it that the source of the sensational play of colours showing in the rock is from the Northern Lights that are still trapped inside. We encourage you to drop by our fine craftshop and see if you too will be captivated by the dancing aurora borealis like colours of the stone called Labradorite.

Photo of CC Handmade by: Itaro Hayashida

Crafts in Glass

Fred and Vera Warren of Chapel Arm are the makers for these true NL stained glass products. They started out with it as a hobby but have been full time for alot of years now. The above is an image from their web site, of their varied and colourful work, with the wonderful view out the bay in behind their bayside studio. They do custom work as well and just finished 3 very lovely larger pitcher plant pieces for our gallery, as well as a huge range of everyday priced smaller work for our shop. We carry a wide variety of glass products here at King's Point Pottery Gallery and Gifts but Crafts in Glass are our only stained glass suppliers.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Springdale artist Doug Downey

Doug is a self taught oil painter who uses a palette knife instead of a brush to create his impressionist style works. The image above was painted on site, just 5 km away from the gallery, at beautiful Rattling Brook Falls. (Image Credit: Doug Downey)  He runs very popular painting workshops, carves wood, makes rustic twig furniture, and shows his work across Canada. We have 3 new works from Doug, that just arrived here today, at the King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery. Keep an eye out this summer for that local painter at the side of the road capturing the light, that can only be Newfoundland and Labrador!
For more information on this talented local artist pls visit his web site at :

Right off the batt, ROTB pottery products...

They are back with a bigger and better selection at the King's Point Pottery fine craft gallery. For those of you who are not familiar with R.O.T.B., they are the dynamic wife and husband team of Cindy and Darryl Lentz. Both are "retired" from the Canadian military and now marching to the beat of the demanding potters wheel. They have set up their shop and studio in lovely PEI, (yet another beautiful island in Atlantic Canada)! The Lentz's have started a full/complete line up of handmade kitchen and dinnerware - something we are rarely seeing any more...and so we doubly appreciate their drive, vision and their focus on quality. Right off the batt, one of 12 different ceramic artist / makers featured here at the gallery in King's Point, NL, Canada.
(Photo: from Right Off The Batt)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Curzon Pottery's Mr. Paul Shoemaker

What a great pleasure it has been have been able to present the work of one of Newfoundland's true pioneer potters. Paul turns 80 years young in 2012 and has decided to retire from producing his classic slip cast ornaments. He has produced over 40,000 over the years at his incredible studio in Curzon Village (in the Woody Point area of Gros Morne National Park). Thankfully we have ordered extra of his ornaments for this his final ornament production year, which will no doubt cause them to become even bigger collectors items than they have in the past...and they were hard to keep in stock before now!
(Photo: King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery)

PS: Anyone in the market for a house/studio and or building lots with one of the best views of the Rocky Harbour + Gros Morne Mtn side of things should check out the following web site has the million dollar view without the million dollar price tag!

Potter's Mill of Carbonear, NL, Canada

Who's the best thrower? As far as I am concerned that would be Mr. Sid Butt. He is very accomplished at many other things but since I know something about ceramics, it seems most appropriate to comment on that particular aspect of things. Like many other multitalented artists Sid spends half his time on one art (painting) and half on another. We are lucky enough to have his summer craft, pottery in our shop. He and his wife Aggie run their pottery from the lovely old Salvation army church in Carbonear...surrounded by a small garden with cluckin' chickens.

New work now in stock from Sid Butt of the "Potter's Mill", a great Newfoundland ceramic artist at the King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery right here in King's Point, Green Bay, Central Newfoundland, NL, Canada!
Photo credit of Teapot: Itaro Hayashida

Monday, June 4, 2012

Gordon Gosse Woodworking.

Another new fine craft artist has joined our gallery today, Gordon Gosse of St John's. Here he is in his selection room in the capital. What fun being there in person getting to visit the artist!
His wonderful work speaks for itself...and it tells different people different things! I see an orchid in this book matched spalted NL birch box lid but others see...well what do you see????

Some of his newer boxes feature many naturally coloured woods...ebony (black), yellow heart (yellow), poplar (green)...wonderful stuff. Truly exception work at very affordable prices! Pls do drop by and check out this new craft artist here at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery, Gordon Gosse!

(Special thanks to the CCNL craft gallery for providing me with Gordon's contact info.)
Fixed Coffee and Baking!!!MMmmmm...good!!!!
(Right by the War Memorial dntwn St. John's))
Jonathan Howse (of  Springdale, the Green Bay, Central NL ) et al serving up superior coffee and home bakin'. Check them out and support our NL youth entrepreneur's. (While this business is technically not in the Green Bay, he is from this area and still has many roots here. Go Green Bay/Baie Verte!)