Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jason Holley's rubber chainmaille is back!

Jason's wristees...

"The only way to understand my jewellery is to touch it, wear it.  Chainmaille is a textile made up of tiny circles.  Each ring is free to roll over your skin and catch the light. It’s important for people to interact with the jewellery. I display my jewellery open, so that customers can touch each piece."

A healthy obsession with historical chainmaille helps to fuel Jason Holley's career as a jeweller.  His pendants, cuffs and necklaces are evidence of Norse and Celtic inspiration: endless knots and rhythmic rows of perfect, shining circles. Holley sees a common function between the fashionable world of contemporary jewellery and chainmaille.  "I think my jewellery is about confidence and strength.  When people wear a piece and look in the mirror I see them stand up straighter.  I want people to feel strong, secure and bold.  They know that it's armor."  Holley meticulously creates each piece of jewellery by hand –one ring at a time – following his own patterns. New selection now available at King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery.

(text from crafts of character web site)
photo credit: Itaro Hayashida

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