Friday, August 17, 2012

Bonavista Social Club visit

Shane and Chef Katie.
Just 15 minutes from Bonavista is the oh so scenic Upper Amherst Cove which is now home to a whole new kind of restaurant and bakery called the Bonavista Social Club, BSC. The Owners are (red seal) Chef Katie Hayes daughter of the well known Patersons (Woodworking next door) and her husband (direct from Dublin, Ireland) Shane Hayes. Linda and I headed over for a birthday supper reservation with friends for 5:00pm on Wednesday August the 15th 2012. (Remember the BSC is currently closed on Mon and Tues.)

1.) The smell of fresh baking was brilliant!... with local bees, local vegetables, local fruit, local eggs....the new 100 meter diet is on! (It's all really good... but the walnut raisin and molasses raisin are "more good-er" as the youngsters always say!)

2.) The taste of real woodfired pizza with too many gourmet ingredient choices...some good! (Try Shane's Fav Pizza..mmmmmm...and imagine they start the baking process at 5:30am each day just for you!)

3.) Enjoying the sunset with friends...unforgettable...and a romantic setting for sure.

Us looking out at a BSC sunset.

Our  perfect view from the porch of the BSC!

4.) The look of the desserts was a treat in itself but certainly outdone by the taste!...the black coco carrot cake...words can't do it justice...just don't miss it! (...all served on handmade Paterson Woodworking wooden bowls, trays...)
 Coco and real cream!!

Fresh local berry sorbets!!!

5.) BSC hospitality means a truly lovely dining experience...and did I mention they ordered the whales over for us to watch while we picked up some extra baked goods to take back home next morning. Yup..2 minke whales, 1 humpback and some dolphins thrown in for good measure! (They say the whales have been there nearly every day for over a month...I guess word on the cooking is really getting around!)

I could go on and on... but I think you get the idea...give them a call and book a reservation 709-445-5556 or email them at ! Oh ya almost forgot the BSC garlic festival is coming up check it out at !