Sunday, June 22, 2014

International limited edition pieces now available.

Image of Linda Yates viewing "The Secret".

The 230 individual cups that formed the International craft work " Secret to the return of the cod" are now for sale at King's Point Gallery and Gifts. The complete 12 foot by 8 foot installation was last exhibited in Cheongju South Korea for the Unity and Diversity Exhibition, an invitational event coordinated by both South Korea and the Canadian Craft Federation in 2009.
image: label from the original "Merchant Vessel Show"

The piece was originally created for the "Merchant Vessels" exhibition held at The Rooms, the provincial Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador in St John's, NL, Canada. Gloria Hickey curated the 2008 group show and very kindly invited us to be a participant. The following year it was selected to be the gateway work for the Canadian Pavilion overseas in South Korea.

Image: Each salt soda fired cup features a capelin on the back!

We have been asked by customers for the past 5 years if we would be offering a chance to purchase a piece of the international craft work. This year we finally made the decision to offer it to our customers. We currently have less than 200 cups left (and expect it to be sold out by late summer)... So if you want a cup with a international NL story behind it, please do either contact us via email ( ) or drop by our gallery here in King's Point, NL, Canada to get yours before they we are all sold out.