Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tim Isaac's "Fish by Fire"

New 2012 stock from Tim Isaac arrived today at the King's Point Fine Craft Gallery! Mmmm..I love turtles..his new clay turtles that is...the (turtles) chocolates are also very good of course...but back to the topic at hand...lots of new fish by fire, bowls, trivets...

Tim's Raku...love the vibrant colours, the unpredictability, the smoke and fire of his work! We've admired his work for...mmm... at least 30 years!) He has lived by the ocean in New Brunswick for the past 20 years but came by way of Elora, Waterloo and  grew up in Manitoba. Tim is also a passionate musician having played the cello since age 9. He spends half his year as a musician and other half playing with mud & fire!! Check him out at www.timisaacpottery.com
(Photo credit: Tim Isaac Pottery)

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