Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No# 1 shopping destination in the province!

Who is # 1 under "shopping"?

The other day a NL tourism operator dropped by our shop for the following reason: "According to Trip Advisor.com you (King's Point Pottery Fine Craft Gallery) are the number 1 shopping destination in Newfoundland and Labrador!"  Our reply "Whaaahoooieeee!!!!" Trip advisor rates travel destinations all around the world and to be rated number #1 here in NL is a real thrill. Thank you to everyone who likes what we are trying to do here and we will continue to try our utmost to bring you the very best in our specialty of fine handmade Atlantic Canadian craft! We invite you to drop by and see what's new and exciting at one of Newfoundland's best craft shops!

1 comment:

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