Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New from old Barrels arrive!!

photo credit: C. Davison

"Yesterday", everything used to be sent in wooden packaging....barrels of fish, of salt, and of sugar. Today's, new shop product is not all about what was inside..rather it is thee outside, the container itself, the old barrels that are the centre of attention. These new products are all made from (recycled) barrels... into candleholders, wine bottle holders, serving trays, shelves...handsome real (used) hard working barrels turned into charming outport-functional housewares. Everything old is transformed into wonderfully new again...I just luv 'em! We invite you to drop by the King's Point Pottery Gallery and see the traditional old barrel totally reinvented for 2012. Oh and did I mention they are so affordable..with items starting at just $20.00!

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