Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Look who just flew in!

Timberdoodle Art Works has landed! Indeed the colourful folk art of Eleanor Wyand and Sue Smith, in the form of their wonderfully big footed birds has returned to King's Point (, just like the spring swallows to Capistrano!) We have their big Atlantic Puffins back and the newcomers to KP's fine craft gallery, the electric "feathered" Village Birds. The duo have been whittling and painting Nova Scotia pine into eccentric folk art "fabulous" for decades. Swoop over and see what's new in the shop...and maybe a peck of dessert over at da By the Sea Cafe!!


  1. Hi David - I don't see these on your website. What are they priced at and do you sell other pieces by these funky ladies? I am located in Toronto, so it's a bit of a trek to pop by :-)

    Look forward to hearing from you - Mona

  2. Do you sell their Noah's Ark? With pictures to order from?